Israelis are a multi-racial people that are either so by religion, or ethnic background, that live in the modern nation of Israel. Ancient Israel was a nation the Romans destroyed in 70 AD. There never has been a nation called Palestine. There have always been Asiatic Jews living in the Middle East. Not all Israelis are descended from European Jews, although Israel was recreated after the Holocaust of WW2, for Jewish people that lived around the world, in many nations. The turmoil between Arabs and Israelis goes all the way back to Isaac and Ishmael, half brothers that the Arabs and Jews descended from. Sibbling rivalry at it's worst.
Israelis and Arabs are both Semitic.
by JD February 9, 2005
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1-A citizen of the State of Israel.
2- Slang Term to descrive a really cool or awesome person sabra
Damn, that Israeli chica is mad hott!
by Bing!!!! March 14, 2005
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Someone who is very beautiful and clean hearted she loves to help people in their difficult times and would give her all. Also very honest and trust worthy
by Prettygyal063 July 30, 2017
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Israe is a very shy person. But she is also a very beautiful person who is clean hearted she loves to help people in their difficult times. She is also very intelligent and strong. you really need a Israe in your life to have perfect moments. If you don't have one get one !
by The.Wonder October 23, 2019
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Sweet, warm hearted, loves making new friends, has a short temper. Mostly involved with martial arts. If you break her she breaks you.
Sensitive af but hides it
Confused with life, known for being funny or “a weird kid
isra: hihi hihiii
Boy: shuuuuush
by I take in little kiddies November 23, 2019
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A girl who is very ambitious and incredibly artsy. If she wants something, she works hard for it and doesn't give up until she has reached that goal. She's one of the best students in class and all the teachers love her.

She is a great friend that you can always rely on when you need advice or help or when you simply worry too much. She'll make it all ok and provide the right mix of positivity and improvement.
A: Do you see that girl and how invested she's in what she's doing? She won't even look up.

B: I knooow, such an Isra!
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Isra is truly the funniest person you would meet she may be goofy at times but is pure hearted and would give you her all to help you .
by Taeshooky November 1, 2019
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