Another undefinable word made up by malaysians and much too often typed at the end of sentences in online games. The general meaning of the word "liao" can be roughly interpretted as "already." The word is commonly thrown around incorrectly and makes it even more confusing.
did that liao
come with us liao
logged in liao

by cleanhole August 10, 2006
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same as already, from a chinese word , also can be spelled as le
I already noe that liao
by koonghx December 29, 2007
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Chinese word, often used to diss people for being lame. Used by Singaporeans.
Moses: I shat 5 times this morning
Bee Yan: Can you not be WU LIAO!!!
by @GEMtries September 2, 2016
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An exclaimatory expression used to express supreme surprise, shock, or disappointment. This term is frequently* used by Singaporeans and Thai people.

*Used atleast 30 times daily by an average Singaporean.
A very common conversation between two Singaporeans.

Ahkai: AUNTIE SKY!!!! Introduce me to some pwetty girls at your Xmas party lah. Pwetty PLEASE :X...... I take u out to eat some durian leh.

Skydreamie: OK LA...... Wait... Wah Liao!! ALWAYS DURIAN EH KAI?! Either 'durian' or KFC'. ZzZzzzZ.

by suki~ February 3, 2007
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cool asian fail kid who fences. he also likes spelling bees/Scripps National Spelling Bee/spelling in general. he listens to french rap because he is a wannabe french guy. he takes Honors Advanced Algebra 1, which he always tells people to make him sound smart, because he thinks that if he says "honors advanced algebra" people will ignore the "1" part, but not me. because i'm smart. he has two sisters, and likes to play Civilization V because COD makes him nauseous. oh and he also has nice teeth because he goes to Apple Orthodontics.
kid 1: whoaa this kid fences, is a spelling wHiz, likes french rap, takes Honors Advanced Algebra I, plays Civilization V because COD makes him nauseous, and has nice teeth because he goes to Apple Orthodontics!

by lalawofn October 4, 2011
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In mandarin Chinese, 'ga' means awkward, 'liao' means chatting. So ga liao means chatting with someone embarrassedly or awkwardly. Ga liao is often used in game Werewolf when someone plays as a wolf and don't know how to chat, and used on a date that the boy/girl is too nervous to say words logically.
Boy: Hi, how's it going?
Girl: Fine. I just had a wonderful barbecue with my parents.
Boy: That's great! So can I treat you to dinner now?
Girl: Don't ga liao please!
by lorry snow August 3, 2018
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(n): 1. Someone who has way too much swag 2. The aura of coolness, legitimacy, and perfection

(v): 1. The act of gaining the aura of coolness, legitimacy, and perfection 2. Showing off too much swag

Usually used to describe a person

Orig. Irvington High School in Fremont, CA
That G6 got hella Liao Swag breh, make me feel like a rocketeer and up up and we goo

Damn, he's Liao Swaggin' when being gate raped like full on effin double rainbow!!!!!!!!!!!

I got that Liao Swag goin on, swear to god no shield
by VikingPimp December 14, 2010
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