Marko is a amazing unique man. You can only find some Marko's in your lifetime. Marko is a very smart man and also super hot. He is also kind of mischievous and is willing to do anything for you. At times it may seem as though he doesn't love you but he does. Although sometimes he may be a little mean to try to make you laugh because he is also very funny. He is very athletic and can play any sports. Overall Marko is a great person to be with and hangout with. And for all the girls you should totally date this guy.
Never leave a Marko out of your sight.
by Freddy Garziaz casillas December 15, 2018
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Marko is a royal name. The Absolute Monarch of Liechtenstein has held the name Marko d'Aviano for centuries. The King and first born son or the Serbian Royal Family Has used the Name Marko as tradition and a nod to St. Mark.

Many artists have adopted the name Marko as a form of Mark. The name is growing in popularity in the united states. It is one of spoken words oldest and most venerated royal names.
His Royal Highness the Sovereign Prince of Liechtenstein's surname is Marko d'Aviano of Oranj-Nassau.
by knightoftherealm May 9, 2015
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Marko is the most caring,fun,funny,sweetest,most kind person you will meet.He is really hot and all the girls are jealous of his girlfriend cause he is always with a hottie too.He is soooo loving and perfect.If you meet a Marko ,keep him.
Omg look at Markoo🤤

Marko is soo cute
by Someoneonthisworld October 28, 2019
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Me: Yo Marko you down to chill?

Marko: "Nah bro I gotta drive 300KM to pick up a Laundry Machine then I gotta drive 4 hours to Grab a GPU then I'm going camping"

Me: Damn bro
by Final Aura November 19, 2021
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The sexiest guy on the planet and the best sex you will ever have. If you are a hot girl he will attack you..
He will find you........ and he will fuck you
by Densnyggastekungenever December 12, 2016
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An amazing guy, who is always there for you when you need him. Does everything just to make you happy whenever he sees sadness in your eyes, mainly using cute pictures of puppies to cheer you up. A gorgeous guy everyone would do anything to have by their side and he deserves all the love of the world for his unlimited kindness and caring.
Wow Marko is gorgeous
by Ultralife January 7, 2018
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Marko is a unique person. He likes to play games, vape, and chill a lot. Marko doesn’t beef with anyone. But, don’t get on his bad side Marko will fuck you up. Marko is a great ladies man he really loves to show attention to any women. He treats a woman like no other. He’s a different breed. He is very kind and cute also. He loves to always cuddle. He has very soft hands but really big ones. He is super tall. Yet, again Marko is a unique person. P.S. don’t get on his bad side, don’t say you’re from the hood when your definitely not. He will fuck you up, don’t act ghetto around him. But, ask him if he’s from the hood and he’ll tell you a whole story which is 100% true.
MARKOoo please read this!
by Himynameiswhat! September 24, 2020
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