V. - Act of Drinking alcohol before you go out to the club to maximize your fun at the club while spending the least amount on extremely overpriced alcoholic beverages... cause a beer at home is like 60 cents... a beer at your favorite night club is like 6 bucks... (dont drink and drive)
"Hey Fred, predrinking starts around 6 at my house... be there!"
by JadeHawk June 10, 2004
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The event in which consumption of alcohol takes place prior to a party or night on the town. Usually just a small group of people gathered at a residence. A compulsory event for the typical alcoholic.
"Hey, come round my place for predrinks this Saturday! Then we'll hit town!"
by Liam of Radelaide August 29, 2006
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Sometimes shortened to pre. A small party usually held in someone's house where people drink store bought alcohol before going out to a bar or club. This usually means they are tipsy or nearly drunk by the time they arrive, meaning they do not have to buy expensive drinks at the bar
Joe - "Are you going out tonight?"
Jason - "Yeah, Emma's parents are out of town so she's having predrinks at hers"
Joe - "Count me in"
by JohnDogJenkins June 29, 2014
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Alternatively, can refer to drinking before attending an event where alcohol and/or drunkenness is prohibited.
I'll be predrinking at 6 and going to the City Council meeting at 7
by Rioter September 9, 2007
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The act of drinking before your night actually starts. Many Canadian youths have this word in their every day vocabulary.
Hey, you wanna predrink at John's before we hit the bar?
by Michael VM November 6, 2007
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verb - some stupid word a girl in Indiana claims means to drink before going out to a function or event.
"Let's predrink before we go!"
"Don't you mean pregame?"
by itsrobbiej December 30, 2010
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When you are in need of a nap before heading out for a night of partying. The nap before your predrink.
Not yet man I need a Predrinking Prenap
by KatLeth October 29, 2010
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