An article of clothing worn around the neck, usually considered tacky unless you happen to be a Time Lord.
I wear a bowtie now. Bowties are cool.
by Charmify June 5, 2011
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another word for a chevy, and/or its the logos name for chevrolet
just a nice guy in a bowtie...oh and fords suck
by FoSho May 5, 2005
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(Verb) When one tittyfucks a girl upside down, letting there balls rest on the girls neck comfortably. Therefore, resembling in the look of a bowtie.
"Yo, I gave Hayley a bowtie last night. It was awesome!"
by Tu madre! December 12, 2006
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the area between the vagina and anus usually noticed for what it is when there is double penetration
I love it when Monica Mattos is wearing her bowtie.
by adambalder September 16, 2007
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another word for Bowie town center...bowie md...the Bowtie becuz Bow...then the "T" for town and the rest of bowie is the "ie" Bowie Bowtie...Bowietowcenter
1. Coming Straight from the Bowtie...bowie md
2. Yo meet me at the Bowtie (bowie town center mall)
by only deff June 12, 2007
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the coolest peice of clothjing worn by any person in the world
Person 1: What are you wearing
Person 2: It's a bowtie, i wear bowties now, bowties are cool
by dinosaurmuncher69 December 15, 2011
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