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to continue drinking after coming back from a bar or party (usually at a friend's house or apartment)
"Any pussy can pregame but it takes a true boozebag to postgame."

"I pissed my bed last night because I was shotgunning tallboys till I passed out. That's the price you gotta pay for postgaming."

"I was so fucked up at the bars last night I have no clue how I was able to postgame till 6am."
by Olof Carmody January 22, 2008
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As opposed to pre-game where one drink alcohol before an event. Post game is meant for someone to drink alcohol after an event when they are already super drunk.
"Dude after this party lets go post game"
by Max Craig July 01, 2008
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after, subsequent, later than, or following after a game. It is a time marked by alcohol consumption, both in celebration and in depressive anxiety resulting from loss, depending upon which team you are on or support.
Ted: Man, that was one hell of a game. Did you see that pass?

Ralph: Yeah, I saw it. It'll be flashing behind my eyes for the remainder of postgame when I'm drowning my sorrow in suds.
by Kate Sjostrand April 05, 2008
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The stains left on bedsheets after a sexual encounter. Some may be unintentional, hidden, or discovered days later. Similar to Pregame.
Woman: "This hotel room is disgusting!!!!"

Man: "Yeah and there's postgame all over the bed and walls."
by TrojanRubber July 28, 2009
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Women keep their sexual activity going after an orgasm and are usually still ready for more. Men literally empty themselves through ejaculation and feel washed out, sleepy, or interested in anything but sex, at least for 20 minutes.

A guy who can keep going, who, even though he has a spent and flaccid penis, is willing to orally pleasure his woman and stay the course, is a postgame hero.
Leave me alone bitch, I ain't no postgame pussy lapper. Where's the remote?
by Chris Zizzo April 05, 2008
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What used to be known as the postgame included drinking after the main event. Now, it has evolved to mean lighting up and smoking a blunt, gravity bong, or any other device used to smoke marijuana.
Ben: Dude, tonight sucks. I'm drunk, sad, and depressed.

Charles: ....yeah it's time for the postgame , Ben needs to be a mile high to forget about his fucking ex girlfriend.....
by Charles spaniel October 19, 2017
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