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Generally defined only as a noun, "to poster" is the act of taking a flyer or poster and attaching it to a surface with tacks , tape, magnets, staples or other methods.
DANG YA'LL ! Can you believe Fritz has been postering Austin Texas for over 20 years?
by Motorblade October 25, 2009
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Going around town and putting posters up on poles. Tape is generally used.

This is great promotion for local shows or concerts, or even businesses.

- do not poster over other posters unless that event has already happened
- limit it to one poster per pole (per event)
- try and take your posters down once your event is over
- do not use profanity or sexual content on posters
- do not poster in illegal places (private property, buildings, mail boxes, etc)
"Hey guys, let's go postering!"
by Postering August 24, 2007
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