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A basketball style lay-up where you shoot the ball usually underhanded and let it roll off youre fingers. was the signature move of former san antonio spur George "the Ice-man" Gervin (1972-1986).
"The Ice-man with another nifty finger roll!"
by j-la April 7, 2004
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1) a word that has origin or is commonly used among canadian culture.
hooser, chinook, slough, grid and eh? are all canadianisms
by j-la August 13, 2003
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a Basketball term meaning to embarrass some one usually while slamming the ball over them. It refers to the guy whos being dunked on in basketball posters.
"Wow that guy just got posterized!"
by j-la August 23, 2003
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Jive: meaning dressed to kill, looking good and impressive
With my new suit people saying i'm togged to the bricks.
by j-la December 20, 2004
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Bascially an enthusiatic way to bring attention to someone or to greet someone.
don: yo! wheres joe?
mark: I don't know
joe: Crackalacka!!!!!
don: hey! joe!
by j-la April 7, 2004
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-short for Doctor Funkenstein "king of the Funk" a humourous funk song by Parliament Funkadelic.

- One who knows funk and can cure whats hurting you with it.
I was feeling down but my friend played some Dr Funkenstein! and cured my troubles! he's the real Dr Funk!
by j-la December 20, 2004
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1)Describing someones car as if it is as powerful as a bicycle.

2) driving a crappy car as if it were a high performance auto.
1)guy1: did you see ray's sunfire?
guy2: oh yeah...its carcycular!

2) whoa johns going carcycular with his tercel!
by j-la April 7, 2004
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