16 definitions by j-la

Jive: meaning dressed to kill, looking good and impressive
With my new suit people saying i'm togged to the bricks.
by j-la December 20, 2004
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1) something one would think is good but usually is not good for them.

2) something cool and new
homer simpson- "Dieing would be a stone groove!"
by j-la August 23, 2003
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word in streetball meaning dribbling ability...how well you can dribble the basketball and perform tricks determines youre handles.
"that player just shoke'em wit his crazy handles!"
by j-la August 19, 2003
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1) a title of a popular rap song by tone loc. the funky cold medina in the song is an unknown substance that makes the ladies love ya.
"I asked the guy, why you so fly? he said funky cold medina"

"put a little medina in youre glass and the chicks will come real quick"
by j-la August 13, 2003
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1) really good, really swell
2) new and original
3) a good smell
"that new song has funky fresh beat!"
by j-la August 13, 2003
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1) a word that has origin or is commonly used among canadian culture.
hooser, chinook, slough, grid and eh? are all canadianisms
by j-la August 13, 2003
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1)Describing someones car as if it is as powerful as a bicycle.

2) driving a crappy car as if it were a high performance auto.
1)guy1: did you see ray's sunfire?
guy2: oh yeah...its carcycular!

2) whoa johns going carcycular with his tercel!
by j-la April 7, 2004
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