As In making a move . Hooking it up . Finessing the next move .
Are you about to make a play for the wings . All right bet ! Say Less

making a play = finessing
by robthegoat February 2, 2018
Making a play means doing a drug deal or selling illegal items of some sort
Aye imma bout to go make a play you coming or nah?
by JPRODNOVA July 29, 2021
a dawg lets go to da store and make a play bruhhh
by roll up March 29, 2014
When you’re making moves and need someone to do something unexpectedly extraordinary.
Polak, we need you to make big plays and find a way for us to play ruit in your basement tonight.

I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. I’ll figure something out, and it’ll be real. It’ll be fun. It’ll be real fun! Even though I'm Polish...
by Syracuse JOHNSON December 17, 2009
Making a play is when you are meeting up with someone and are hugging up with them !
by Bhaddie wit 2 d’s January 8, 2021
verb. (both inside and outside sports)
1. the act of executing maneuvers that establish an advantage or victory in any type of situation.
2. employing advanced and/or unpredicted moves and actions to achieve a goal or bypass obstacles.
"Their defense was pretty tight but we just kept making plays."

"This guy cut me off, but I'm so used to making plays I just cut across a couple lanes to an opening and flew by every one.

"Her friends were trying to cock block me, but I kept making plays and she went home with me."

"We owned that BP table cause we made plays on both defensive swats and calls."
by GMKash April 17, 2008
absorbing a minor setback to make a major comeback

commonly used in hockey
Aye bro i’m still on delivered.
No worries, take a hit make a play- we’re going out tonight.
by dryrock0 October 14, 2022