An adjective used to describe things that are dated, unhip, or lame but were once considered "in vogue" and in style. Most commonly used by those who are or think of themselves as fashionably elite.
I can't believe he still listens to drum and bass, that scene is so post.

How could she buy him a furby for his birthday, those things are so post.
by JHBoy September 20, 2006
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In WP a post is a piece of stuff, of something. A way to refer to a thing. You've got custom post types to refer to whatever custom stuff you like.
I am gonna set up a custom post type for recipes in my WP
by Alvaro Franz March 02, 2021
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To stay where you are put. To hang out somewhere.
Hey Rob, I'm jsut going to post here tonight.
by Jaret Johnson July 13, 2004
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A brand of sticky notes that somehow became a verb
hmm.. i have to do that thing w/ the stuff.. better post it note it
by Redlen September 24, 2004
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A post-it is a Piece of paper that you can stick anywhere, with any sort of writing on. You can stick it on your PC monitor, your head or even on someones back saying "Kick me"
by Coolcon2000 August 13, 2007
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