1- Kicking it in a spot on display, usually being jocked in the act.
2- Past tense of; to post up
3- When females' breast are on point and appearing voluptuous, normally with the help of a push-up braw.
We were pretty posted up at the function 'til about 1:30.

That beezy is posted, I wanna smash

We were posted like a mail box.
by M Dot September 09, 2007
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When the vallet parks your car right in front of the establishment you are patroning; a sign of respect for your ride.
When Kim and Megan went to Howl at the Moon in my 350Z, the vallet posted it right next to some Mercs and BMW's; they could see it all night from the patio.
by Youthful Wisdom February 10, 2006
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(1) to show superiority over another (2) to point out the shortcoming of another.
noun - postage
example in a conversation:

Jess: "I got an 1180 on my SATs, what did u get?"

Bob : "I got a 1340. Posted Bitch!!!!"
by cc March 21, 2005
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In roundball, the state of having been utterly humiliated near the net, as your opponent steps into you to throw you off, then swivels around you toward the basket and drops the ball into the basket as though you were not there.
Whoah, Chris just got posted by that midget. What a pud.
by Smack, King of Ramen April 25, 2004
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The act of being posted at a bus stop.
"Wya? We're just posted"
by newfool December 21, 2019
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