When the vallet parks your car right in front of the establishment you are patroning; a sign of respect for your ride.
When Kim and Megan went to Howl at the Moon in my 350Z, the vallet posted it right next to some Mercs and BMW's; they could see it all night from the patio.
by Youthful Wisdom February 10, 2006
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(1) to show superiority over another (2) to point out the shortcoming of another.
noun - postage
example in a conversation:

Jess: "I got an 1180 on my SATs, what did u get?"

Bob : "I got a 1340. Posted Bitch!!!!"
by cc March 21, 2005
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In roundball, the state of having been utterly humiliated near the net, as your opponent steps into you to throw you off, then swivels around you toward the basket and drops the ball into the basket as though you were not there.
Whoah, Chris just got posted by that midget. What a pud.
by Smack, King of Ramen April 25, 2004
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One who is too cool to be hipster, and will therefore reject hipster styles and tastes. Post-posts, or pomo hipsters, are currently difficult to define only because they tend toward a slightly wider set of tastes than your average stereotype. The most important quality is that a post-post realizes the hippocracy of hipsterism and tries to overcome it. Post-posts will sometimes acknowledge the fact that they are post-post, and if called hipster, will sometimes
Person one: "Does this make me look too hipster?"

Person two: "You're wearing a polo; of course not."

Person one: "Does it make me look too preppy?"

Person two: "Oh my gosh, you are such a post-post!"
by Aspartame, 2nd Century Greece November 05, 2011
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(adv) beyond postmodern; exceedingly or terminally hip. Often used ironically.
"You're so post-post, why don't you go deconstruct your mother's combat boots?"
by anarcissie May 28, 2008
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