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Abbreviation for Well played.

See also N1 & NW.
1. Great game, wp!
2. She was wp to that homie!
by Bruce Lee March 30, 2003
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An acronym used on forums or the internet in general meaning "Well Played."
Person 1: *Witty Bullshit*

Person 2: "W.P., sir. W.P."
by MutantBadger October 16, 2010
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Way Point.
A device used in Diablo ii to teleport from location to location
by druid628 December 22, 2004
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Not to claim something I didnt do, but I did. About 6 years ago I used to play a game called Runescape, alot of the time you accidentally sent a message to the 'wrong person', so it began.
Jack: Hey Jessica, Hows it going?
James: What?!?
Jack: Sorry, WP.
by Tanner R September 21, 2007
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An acronym for "Wrong Person". When someone says something to another person, but at the time, did not notice that they were talking to someone else, who they didn't mean to speak to. Often used in instant messengers.
"An example situation in an instant messaging room:"

SomeGuy: Hey, remember when I laughed at that guy with the giant tumor on his head?

SomeChick: Umm, what?!

SomeGuy: Sorry, WP.
by NinjaSilver October 07, 2007
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there is a whole bunch of overthere lets go whoop their ass
by P Nwaneri August 31, 2005
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