stationary, not moving, found a place to chill.
"Hey man do you wanna go to this club?"
"No thanks im posting here at my house."
by Noblam February 03, 2010
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An excuse to create other genres of music.
Failure: "Do you listen to any Post-Hardcore Melodic Death Punk?"

Me: "Get the fuck out."
by Arking Nerdenheimer February 25, 2009
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used to describe something bizarre or paradoxical that contains characteristics of postmodernism or post-postmodernism
"Hey man, have you seen that picture of the black dude with the huge swastika tattoo on his chest? That shit is post!"
by Fill Donna Hubris May 15, 2016
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A piece of wood or metal stuck in the ground.
I ran into the wooden post used to keep the barbwore fence up.
by Q-Y January 24, 2005
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A sexual act with the women 'posting' on top of her man.
The man is flat on his back and the women straddles him and rides him up and down, up and down... Preferably facing forward, the women is riding / posting him.
by FCG January 18, 2008
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for a female to ejaculate all over a hookup's bed, usually leaving an embarrassing stain
Dude, she totally Posted all over my sheets!
by pooooooooooost February 03, 2010
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Stands for "Pretty Obvious Sexual Tension Involving Nasty Girl". "Nasty" can also mean Nice, New, Nefarious, or Neat. "Girl" can also be subbed for Guy. When, during a social encounter, there's a clear mutual attraction and desire for sexual intimacy that is never consummated.
"Dude, I should be banging right now because I was straight POSTING at that party"

"Did you see me POSTING up with that chick?"

"I just want to engage in some serious POSTING action tonight"
by TPOSTS March 03, 2010
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