To lash out violently and at random, often in a blind rage. Term taken from the 1990's incidents of workplace violence involving US Postal System workers.
I was so angry at work with the new workload, I was afraid I'd go postal.
by Unidyne March 12, 2005
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To exact calculated revenge on co-workers or schoolmates, usually with a firearm, after being fired or expelled or just feeling extremely hard-done-by.

Software tester Michael McDermott shot and killed seven co-workers in 2000 after having his pay docked to cover back taxes.
A disgruntled former worker went postal today leaving seven dead, including two accountants he had accused of being 'Nazis' the day before.
by bee March 22, 2005
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An indie band, with the same lead singer as Death Cab for Cutie, with excellent beats, catchy songs, and crafty lyrics.
I just listened to the postal service, and now I am totally addicted.
by allison July 29, 2004
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The Postal Dude went to get some milk, then he killed a bunch of people.
by Hardass April 2, 2003
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While on vacation at the beach, hooking up with a random person, consisting of at least a blowjob.
Ivy got some Coastal Postal while at the beach.
by MountAiryXC October 12, 2010
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A band made up of two men named, Benjamin Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello. They have a cd called "Give Up". They are quite fantastic.
The Postal Service rocks my damn world.

The Postal Service "Sleeping In" is a superb song Pete!
by Mary March 1, 2004
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