Can be used to describe a person or establishment.

Generally an establishment where the individuals are dressed up to a high level of designer clothing, tight dresses, heels, make up ++, nails, brows etc but also have potential to stab you.

Women range from absolutely stunning to morbidly obese. Each are as deadly as the other. The stunning ones boyfriends (see below) will stab you, whereas the morbidly obese are no strangers to violence and tend to headbutt you themselves.

The men are dressed in impaculate shirts and trousers/ dark jeans but their haircuts (generally harshly shaved) and teeth suggest imminent violence. Clothes branding varies, but don’t be surprised to see Polo, Fred Perry amongst the mix. Builds tend to range from bodybuilders to barrel chested/ waisted.

These individuals gather in establishments and give the impression of money. Branded clothing as mentioned, buying bottles of champagne, pristine apperance. However their behaviour suggest the opposite of wealth. Behaviour includes - breast, bottoms and vaginas being on display at some point during the night. The women are able to weaponise heeled shoes. As for the men - extremely protective of their female counter parts, copious amounts of staring and posturing, physically intimidating, probable cocaine usage.
‘It’s a bit rough posh in here’

‘It okay in there, but it can be a bit rough posh’

Examples in Manchester City centre include - Slug and lettuce - Deansgate, the printworks in general
by Mr.Bee.Lee. December 09, 2018
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declaring one's opinions or thoughts absurd, irrelevant or redundant.

blowing off someone's statement.

"let's get together! it's only been 3 years sarcastic!"

"oh, pish posh! i saw you last week!"
by mareycherry November 17, 2005
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1. To wank using a condom.

2. Or, if you're really posh, get your butler to do it.
Think I'll have a posh wank, don't want to make a mess.

Jeeves! I need you!
by MaidenMan March 24, 2007
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To masturbate having first gone to the trouble of donning a condom.

The idea being that the extra time, effort, financial investment and ceremony involved separate this from a base, brutal or "lower" wank - the ocassion suggested by wearing a condom would usually only arise in company, and more specifically for pentrative sex with a special other.
i wasn't going to see lisa for 4 days, and i had the time and felt like spoiling myself, so i dressed the old chap up and had a posh wank.
by Dave D Dangerous December 27, 2004
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usually named george,phoebe or something else

easy to judge as they think theyre better than anything or anyone
look at those posh people what are they laughing about how charles was kegged?
by death4580 November 15, 2016
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Isle of Man slang for an upper class person who enjoys the nightly company of swine.
"I saw Lord Autumnbottom by the pig-sty last night- I swear he's a posh hammer."
by Daaaaaaave March 14, 2006
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a code word for a female dog . you normally use it to offend people without them knowing. Like a girl called ellie
You know Stacy mom over there she is such a posh axe.
by thicqueenposhaxe March 19, 2020
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