Kyle: Hey, Melvyn, isn't that Kayleigh?
Melvyn: Oh, P.O.S.H.? Yeah, that bitch is such a cockblock...
by ProstiTot September 15, 2008
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POSH is an acronym for Piece Of Shit

Now why isn't it just POS?
Simply because Posh is also a word meaning 'Rich or trendy' and it's funny how the word and the acronym contradict =P
Look at this used car I just got off the lot bro!

Man, that is one POSH car...
by Moose69 July 25, 2008
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the re-enactment of vanilla ice mixed with E.T. ; a well blended mixture of PO and SH.
by pokishimama March 01, 2003
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A slang term for someone/something that is elegant, upper class and better than the norm.
A dapper gentleman was sitting outside an expensive West London bar, sipping white wine and gazing at his gleaming posh car, an Aston Martin DB5 from 1963.

Posh parents can afford to send their perfect kids to posh school. Us working class parents just have to make do.
by WHISKEYMAN1234 July 25, 2018
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someone who is full of them selves,like girly girls that wear make-up,snooby,really cares about making a good impression
"Look at that girl in the mini-skirt, she's so POSH"
by lyy July 30, 2005
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They hate us because they ain't us, quit being a posh.
by Cambridyann January 26, 2017
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