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1) The study of the origin, history and functionality of pornography in society.
2) Trying to give an academic bent to your explanation to your wife as to why all those free 30-second movie clips were all over your computer desktop.
3) Any attempt to justify your $700-a-month porn addiction.
Contary to your narrow, bigoted beliefs, we're not sitting here "talking about porn." We're engaging in a pertinent discussion concerning Jenna Jameson's role in contemporary American pornology, thank you very much!
by Night Comes On March 07, 2004
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The scientific study of porn. Pornology courses are now offered in the more liberal univeristies where you can get a degree in it. It includes the psycological,socological,artistic and literary ect. study of porn.
He's got a degree in pornology.
by The Fury 13 November 16, 2010
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Anything related to porn...instructive descriptions of different sex acts performed in the porn business.

Gaye Ann Bruno, host of the successful weekly Friday podcast - BETWEEN THE SHEETS - on adds this word to the many she invents.
Did you hear the fascinating tips given on the BETWEEN THE SHEETS PODCAST Pornology show?
by BWTheSheets April 17, 2012
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