A moderately attractive male sticking his over-large dick into an anorexic woman with giant boobs. They do this and change sex positions many more times than those who watch pornography can count and much more than can actually be enjoyable during sex. There are fake moans and groans and other "sexually arousing" sounds made for the dude who is masturbating while watching it.
"Maria": Yes, yes, *changes position* YES! OH *changes position* THAT'S IT! OOOHHHH *changes position* HHHHOHHH!!!!!! *moans* Yes, now do *changes position* that! STICK IT IN *changes position* ME HARDER!!! OOOOOOOOH YES!!!
"John": Suck my 16 inch DICK!!! Then I'll shove it up your ass!


Dude masturbating: Ohhhh, ORGASM!
Dude watching dude masturbating: Wow, you have a lot of pornography.
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According to Beavis and Butt-Head pornography is the study of porn.
Beavis "what's pornography?"
Butt-Head "uhhh i think it's like the study of porn"
Beavis "heh heh so he's a pornologist."
by thealmightbunghole November 29, 2011
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Commonly referred to as porn, this shizzle is the depiction of males and females engaging in sometimes quite explicit sexual encounters. In most cases he man inserts his penis into the woman's vagina and the woman begins to have a fake screaming orgasm. Sex is close to the real thang but it's not:porn is.
Bitch, get off me, the Spice Channel's got a new documentary on lesbians coming on in five minutes--I gotta get my "jack off rag"
by Louie G December 17, 2003
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Graphic depiction that has no artistic merit and that leads to sexual thought.
Which is basically every commercial I have ever seen...
by Crapper McGee March 27, 2004
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for when you're bored
Damn I'm bored. I'll past time with some porno.
by bakerd812 April 09, 2004
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Images of naked humans or naked humans in the act of sexual intercourse. Often used as a means of becoming aroused by lonely humans who are unable to attract a mate. Despite its usefulness to such individuals, the overall majority of internet pornography has degraded into a flaming heap of vile, disgusting images designed to cater to the sick fetishes of various internet subcultures including, but not limited to: furries, pedophiles, amputation fetishists, genital mutilation addicts, etc.
"Pornography" makes up more than 60% of the internet's content.

The obsession of teenage boys across America is "pornography."
by C-can October 18, 2003
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