It is such a broad thing, that the only true way to define it is "anything sexually explicit." It is the exploitation and demeaning of women and men, and gives false impressions of love and intimacy.
Love making is not a spectator sport. Pornography, esp. violent pornography, is a cause of sexual violence and leads to the corruption of a civilized society.
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Sex on the internet that people watch because they're either unhappy with their sex life or they're just plain ugly and can't get any action.
Bob: Hey.
Joe: Hey man! What's up?
Bob: Nothing, I'm just watching something.
Joe: Oh...What are you watching?
Bob: I'm watching a girl get fucked in the ass.
Joe: ...You're watching pornography?
Bob: Yeah.
Joe: ...Oh...
Bob: Don't you watch it?
Joe: No. I'm happy with my sex life, and I'm not ugly.
Bob: (yells in a pissed off way)Thanks a lot man! (hangs up)
Joe: ...You're welcome...?.....He really is ugly.
by Scooby-doo! November 04, 2009
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The filming of a woman being raped. Not only will she be traumatized by the act itself mentally and sometimes physically left with disabilities but creeps on the internet with no respect for women at all will be able to fap to her suffering and get off on it, not even knowing or caring if she is alive or dead yet. A form of hate propaganda against women and almost always directly connected to human trafficking.
The violent disgusting john watched pornography.
by The Guy With a Heart November 05, 2013
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To draw penises on an object or person, or add to a drawing to make it appear as a penis.
"Dude, you just pornographied my binder! Stop trying to pornography everyone's stuff."

Cock Rocket
by JLDC May 27, 2010
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Something that only fat guys with no sexual watch
damn fatass wacthes pornography everyday because he cant get any
by jahoovana March 16, 2008
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