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The reason why the family computer is always slow, Look in the job application folder in "dad's work stuff's"n you'll find alot of it.
<job application folder>


by bing February 20, 2005

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a slang form of the word penis
"Yeah last night he just whipped out his schwang for everyone to see"
by bing July 01, 2003

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>n. 1 a bitter miserable person who must act in such a way as to make those around him miserable also. 2 a person who can not bear to see others in a state of happiness.
ORIGIN Late twentieth cent.:English, unable to get an erection; flat, like a tire.
Who's that flatdick?
by Bing June 18, 2004

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the mixture of dude and radical to discribe a word so radical, it's dudical
"whhhoooooa, that shit's dudical"
by bing July 01, 2003

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West St. Louis County, the total opposite of the ghetto
"Yeah I live in WeCo and think I'm black"
by bing July 01, 2003

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a chinese kid that lives in VA
hey bing, what ya doing?
by Bing February 05, 2004

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a term for an arab, indian, arabian or any other form middle eastern desent.
" Damn, look at all the Boopdis a t walmart today. It's like they live here! I didn't even think they sold kosher products or scarves here."
by bing July 01, 2003

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