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It is the russian term used to say "ass".
"That girl there, she got a nice popa"
by Andre February 01, 2005
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A creature that comes from the depths of hell. Its exact age is unknown, but it has been around since before the Mesozoic era. Because it has experienced many historical events first hand, it has decided to become a history teacher. It loves torturing its students with projects, and they all despise it.
Student a: Did you finish Miss Popa's project?
Student b: Damn! I forgot! I hate her!
by detective JJ Bittenbinder November 03, 2018
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An old teacher who should have stopped teaching 100 years ago. She thinks that the holocaust can be justified, and no im not kidding. She only gives projects, and forces you to listen to her boring lectures and videos.
Wow, you're being such a Popa right now
by Hatepopaforlife January 20, 2017
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A person everyone pities because their family is dead.
Damn that poor, cranky, widowed teacher who thinks the holocaust is fake is such a popa bruh.
by dudeimabitch February 04, 2018
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a popa is the scruffiest man in the town/city usually lives life scrounging money for drugs and such. Always on jobseekers/welfare,also a popa will cheat at everything they get aswell as girlfriends on holidays in tennerife/other hot places they dont care about anything except themselves. you will recognise a popa when they are being aggressive and threatening people
dude you totally did a popa on that cruise ship last week.
omg that guy is such a popasaurus, omg
by boiytsy July 04, 2011
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