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when a person wears a scary amount of mascara
Although Melanie thought her mascara application was flawless, her eyelashes really looked like scary spiderlegs
by Caroline February 13, 2005

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A style of dancing consisting of various chest pops, stomps, and arm swings. It is used to express one's feelings towards another through dance rather than violence. Please don't confuse krumping with clown dancing.
(See krumping)

The wobble ain't no krump move!
by caroline June 27, 2005

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Malaysian Hokkien word for vagina
Chau Cibai - smelly vagina (also used as a derogatory to females)
Cibai Been - vagina/pussy face ! Hahahahaha
by Caroline February 21, 2005

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noo noo! all hail wyatt. oreos are yummy
Wyatt is great.
by caroline April 28, 2003

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A sexy Mexican.
Jessica: Jesus is Mexican.
Caroline: SEXXXICAN!
by Caroline April 20, 2004

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Northern English word, to be totally knackered/tired
I'm buggered after all that shagging.
I can't be bugggered to move.
by Caroline May 10, 2003

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Malaysian Malay/Indian word for vagina
You pundek - derogatory, like 'You cibai' to mean 'You dickhead/asshole/jerk'
by Caroline February 21, 2005

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