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Almost self-explanatory..but it is especially used by asian fobs to refer to an American Boy.
This amboy has no culture.
by Caroline April 8, 2005
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Need to close her legs smells like fish a total bitch puts her friends last in everything in thinks she better then everything
She Caroline she needs to close them legs
by Caroline January 11, 2015
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A vacation spot for all of USA. Eveyone loves Cape Cod in the summer, even their residents. However, they do notice that nearly every spec of their sand is covered with tourist towels and their roads are populated to the maximum, even the backroads.
Poor Katie, a Falmouth Resident made it into the Old Silver beach parking lot at 9 am after waiting nearly 30 minutes for the beach to open. She laid out and got started on that tan, when she was awoken from her sunning from the kicking of ignorant tourists kicking up sand on her towel and in her face as they set up the umbrella right over her head in her sun... there is no other room on the beach now, and it is 9:15. So Katie leaves, and her usual 8 minute ride home results in 8 phone calls on her cell phone, and 58 minutes later she is home.
by Caroline April 13, 2005
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the best state ever!!!!!! and please dont say theres nothing to do there!!!! try moving to farm country pa where there nothing to do there but hang out at supermarkets (yes u read this right those people hang out at supermarkets for fun!) and cowtip!!!!!! then and only then is when u can tell me that delawares boring!!!!!
Wilmington is the biggest and best in Delaware and in the whole country (well that only applies to the best)!
by Caroline February 6, 2005
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A word used so say something is small, stocky, and short. People use the word when they get really tense.
His penis is a little doinka.
by Caroline April 15, 2005
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A documentary by David LaChapelle that reveals the groundbreaking dancing growing on the streets of Los Angeles, clowning and krumping.
Rize comes out June 24, 2005!
by Caroline June 27, 2005
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