5 definitions by d.n. citoyen

A booger; "snot", whatever solids one collectively pulls out of one's nose. (Used primarily in Canada and, perhaps, Great Britain).
Jimmy just pulled a wicked-long gooslim from his nose!
by d.n. citoyen December 07, 2011
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To wander about, by foot or mechanical transport, with no specific destination in mind.
They were in the village, just pootling about in their motorcar.
by d.n. citoyen August 21, 2020
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Scotch Finger has traditionally been considered the biscuit to have with a 'cuppa' and is ideal to break and dunk. The biscuit has a lovely melt-in-the-mouth texture, which is the result of bakers using a combination of butter, eggs, condensed milk and a special soft flour.
Would you care for a Scotch Finger?
by d.n. citoyen May 31, 2020
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TUNK - The MAINE equivalent to a dope slap, except done with knuckles.
by d.n. citoyen February 19, 2016
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British term: Usually lunch or "a lunch", but sometimes a snack. Esp. Brit. Military.
I'll see you at tiffin - they're serving nimbu pani!
by d.n. citoyen February 02, 2015
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