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an ability or talent. It's one of few words that come from Old Norse: skil, and is now often used in exclamation (pl) signifying appreciation
A: did you see that move?
B: yeah man. Skills!
by Flaze April 20, 2007
an expression of non-commitance, non-caring, general mild disagreement, all of which are used because the writer (normally on msn) is feeling apathetic in varying degrees. The more apathtic, the more 'mehs'. The opposite is probably 'ye', a lazy form of 'yeah' or 'yes'
A: Your girlfriend is fugly.
B: Shut up, ****wit.
A: What? You admitted it to Tracy!
B: meh.

A: Are you coming to Sam's party?
B: meh..

A: Have you heard?! Africa just imploded!
B: meh.

by Flaze April 19, 2007
To move leisurely, with or without purpose.
A: Where are you going?
B: I'm just pootling about
A: you strange person

A: I fancy a pootle. Who's with me?
B: Hurray! From now on, I shall pootle everywhere.
by Flaze April 19, 2007
a very annoying way of saying goodbye. People who say this, and 'toodle-pip' are probably being perverse and should be treated with caution.
A: I wish you'd stop being such a dipshit and piss off!
B: ok, toodle!
A: And don't say 'toodle' you stupid arse. *hits B*
by Flaze April 19, 2007
In the act of drunken fornication the slotting of various large seeds into the anus for sexual pleasure.
Blimey Vanessa that aniseed has gone right up there"
by Flaze September 15, 2017
A word used by the clock work mice. It doesn't really mean anything, but it sounds good. If you were to put it to music, you'd probably use a triangle or xylophone
by Flaze April 19, 2007
(generally)middle-class bored teenagers who are morbidly attracted to concepts of misery, suffering and death and who wear black or dark coloured clothes to reflect their ethos that 'life is so very depressing when you think about it'. They often have pierced lips, dark makeup, and invariably have long hair, mostly straightened and black, covering part of their face, perhaps to aid their introspective tendencies. They try to stand out but ironically have formed a taxonomy of emos (who all look the same.) Male emos are often bisexual, or pertain to be,kissing each other, because it shows the extent of their perceived emotional scope. They listen to special emo music of which the lyrics concern self-hatred, complaints against the shallowness of other people etc. etc. However, there are varying degrees of emo-ness as some peole (semi-emos) like the dark dress sense, but can't be assed with the whole 'cut me now' syndrome, and these are emos a non-emo could probably have a conversation with.
Emo girl: you guys kiss!
*Emo boys kiss*
Emo girl: ok, stop now
*Emo boys continue*
*Emo girls giggle* Emo girls: look at them! What a turn on!
by Flaze March 11, 2007