"Poor, that word ain't no excuse! You know what it mean to me!
It means you Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly!"

by Gus Johnson January 30, 2008
When a large number of homeless people congregate.
Man, it just poored outside. I've never seen so many shopping carts go down the street before!
by Pougan August 10, 2009
1. The pornography of the poor.
2. Two or more poor people engaged in a sexual act.
3. A rich person.
4. One who refuses being poor.

5. The denouncement of poverty.
6. Saying 'no' quite poorly.
example 1
guy: last night we passed by skid-row and we seen these bums doing a Poor-no in the middle of the street!

example 2
Cop1: Are you in a gang BOY!?
Guy: no
Cop2: well that was a Poor-no! say it with some balls BOY . . .


Cop1: Much better boy, thank you.
by steve stephalonavich April 8, 2014
Someone who has no money and has grown up in poverty. A girl who gets jealous of her richer and prettier aqaintance cause she grew up in the slums on the village.

Hates on everyone else's material possessions and looks because she has such low self esteem and can't get out of poverty.

Usually the whole family is in poverty and into drugs and incent.
That girl is poor and thinks she's your friend when she is just a charity case.
by mue3 January 6, 2009
The act of doing something cheap, or something that is degrading to people that are higher on the social and economic scale according to the poverty level.
Dylan: Did you see that tom rusted his hood?
Billy: Yeah, its because he couldnt afford carbon fiber.
Dylan: That is so poor.
by eviloperator May 10, 2011
a womans genitalia in malayalam same as cunt
she has a nice tight poore..i love to put my kunna in
by manojk November 22, 2007
1. someone who is deprived of an average income or who is homeless

2. a put down
1. a homeless person or someone getting benifits

2. "you poorness" directed at a person
by Trent January 5, 2004