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A word to be used in response to an argument that is taken too seriously. The function of the word 'poopsex' is to degrade the conversation to the lowest level
John: I abortion is a necessary social function.

Timothy: See, I disagree I think it is murder, what do you think Bill?

Bill: Poopsex.
by Sid Corrigan September 20, 2007
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An experimental artistic phenomenon in which two or more participants embark on a self-expressive free-form collision of defecation, fornication, and art. This creative odyssey blurs the line between body and feces, unifying them as a medium of expression that pushes the boundaries of reality and explores the essence and purpose of life itself.
Tobias: That 72-hour session of poopsex completely renewed my creative energy and irreversibly altered my conception of reality.

Dave: WTF are you talking about man, you smeared shit all over strangers at an orgy

Tobias: Don't be so cynical, Dave. Open your mind to the redeeming artistic qualities of expressive coprophilia.
by jwk93 February 27, 2013
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The act of either pooping in another persons anus, or pooping in a womans pussy.
Gary and Tina had poop sex last week. He is a perv.
by Ubd July 07, 2005
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Having sex with anything involving the anus. Poopsex ultimately results in smellypenis. See also Smellypenis.
Clayton had poopsex with Jennifer and afterwards he had a smellypenis.
by SaLaMaNiZeR September 12, 2009
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A way of life. Poopsex can mean anything. It can replace any Verb, noun, adjective, or any word for that matter. Poopsex is the supreme way of life.(pooopseks)n,adj,v,pn,etc. Example: Hey Poopsex!; Ahh that's Poopsex!!; I'm going to the Poopsex to get some Poopsex(I'm going to the store to get some milk; That is flaming Poopsex!!!
Before: I think I would enjoy a nice long walk in the park with my wife.
After: I think I would enjoy a nice long walk in the Poopsex with my Poopsex.
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Gay: When two (or more) men put their anuses tightly together and shit like theres no tomorrow.
Straight: When a guy shits in a womans pussy.
Gay: Ohh arghh! This is excellent poop sex. More, more poop in my anus!
Straight: Oh no, your poo is over flowing from my vagina!
by MacW November 19, 2003
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The act of masturbating with a poop filled condom. Generally this is done shortly after defecating into the condom. Saran Wrap may also be used.
I love a warm sticky session of poopsex, but the condoms are kinda expensive.
by Tinynuts McGee February 20, 2005
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