A: "I hung out with that cute blonde last night."
B: "Did you derail?"
A: "Hell yea. I derailed. So good."
by DryLee November 05, 2006
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Derail; a verb. Used to indicate the exact point of derailment, AKA EPDI (Exact Point of Derailment Indication) A topic is derailed when someone clearly goes off-topic with posts which are obviously not associated with the original topic subject, or goes about anally raping the topic tavles by posting huge-ass pictures.
Let's derail that fucking topic!

That topic is bound to derail.
by MeMB January 04, 2005
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This is when you mistakenly fallout of the vagina and literally smash the sphincter or asshole of a woman during sex.
I was having some intense sex with this chick, but I derailed and ruined everything. Especially her asshole.
by namgorf January 21, 2009
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the act of sexual intercourse, usually referring to sex that is so hard it could knock a train off of the rail
Man, I derailed that chick so hard last night.
Would you care to join me for some derailing later tonight?
by Meeja July 18, 2017
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Attacking or failing to follow the tactics of a debater who railroads the conversation, by expressing unexpected views or challenging logical fallacies.
She's upset because I took a third option that will derail her planned one-sided conversation.
by Poor Lurker August 02, 2012
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To move from the pink, to the brown, when making the sweet sweet sechzor.

Or if you'd like it a bit clearer:

To go from vaginal to anal intercourse
Man A: Dude, I tried something new with my girl last night.
Man B: Oh yeah, what's that then?
Man A: Well, I went from pink to brown.
Man B: Oh...you derailed!! Fair play matey.
by Sid P June 13, 2007
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A band from stockport/manchester
Arthur - lead guitar/lead vocals
Luca - rythm guitar/vocals
Will - drums
Sam - bass
IG @derailerofficial
Derailer are a great band
by will galliway January 26, 2018
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