To simultaneously masturbate with your partner and watch each other at the same time.
After a long day working at the office, I came home and my girlfriend and I took a walk in the park.
by TWWACG January 3, 2015
Disciplinary action. When an worker gets sent home without pay
John got a walk in the park today for coming to work drunk.
by Radarsat_guy August 12, 2010
From vietnam re: patrols, ambushes etc. usually hazardous.
"Ahhh, shit, not another walk in the park...we just got back from the last one.
by pikkil November 11, 2009
a walk in the park is a game where you quote Jurassic Park (the movie) in your best Christopher Walkin voice.

it's just a walk in the park

You do plan to have dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour, right?
by bianca crampton July 11, 2008
n. the act of sexual intercourse
also "walking in the park" and "walked in the park"- having sex and had sex
They went out back to have a walk in the park.

I was so horny yesterday that my boyfriend and i walked in the park 3 times in one hour.

By the third date, it was time to walk in the park.

by Carolyn P. December 6, 2007
Go for a shit/dump/crap.
Laurie: I got a real bad pain in my stomach.
David: Sounds like you need to take a walk to Poo Park buddy.
by mrhaddock October 23, 2015