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the name used for someone you have a crush on, if you dont want them to know you like him
person 1: ohh look its poopie face!

person 2: dude hes so hot!

poopie face: hey wassap?

person 2: nothing, poopie face!

person 1: yeah, poopie face!

poopie face: haha whats up with the poopie face thing?

person 1: nothing, poopie face *walks off with person 2*
by emikoooooooooo August 19, 2007
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A game you play. When some one says "you poopie face" in an argument, they automaticly win the argument and the loser has to put their hands or a rubber arm bracelet around their mouth and chin. Repetedly poke the losers face and say "your a poopieface."
"No you don't because your a POOPIEFACE"
"poopieface poopieface"
by zac pease January 18, 2007
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