"oi harry, get out of the room you've been tooting all night."
"sorry babe, i ate beans before bed."
by lathsc January 10, 2020
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A place in south-west London, do not visit tooting unless u want 2 be mugged, stabbed or shot in the head! A ruff place wher de evil and most gangsta of the world tend to live! Cousins with streatham an area best not risked unless in a very large group of weapon carrying gangster guys!!!
Boy: wanna cum my yard?
Girl: Wher u live?
Boy: Tooting.
Girl: Hell no i aint going there homie i dnt wanna be killed!!!
by LilMissME September 10, 2005
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Playing a wind instrument, such as the recorder or a flute.
That girl is really tooting her flute very well!
by Ten-Pin Master June 13, 2008
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I thought the girl at the bar liked me. Then I get her back and she was tooting
by buzzypeterson@yahoo.com May 14, 2015
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When a person knowingly talks good about their selves in front of people to show off or look like the better person. This is followed by someone saying "Toot Toot" and gesturing with their arm in a downward motion as if the arrogant talker is tooting their own horn.
Oscar: Hey Jason, would you like to play a friendly game of Ping Pong?

Jason: Oh hell yeah dude! I'm so bad ass at Ping Pong, I used to be on a professional team and travel all over the world for tournaments. get ready to get you ass handed to you!

Oscar: Toot Toot ( arm moving up and down like you're trying to get a semi truck to honk the horn )
by MoparOscar December 9, 2009
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Girlfriend in Cajun slang, equivalent of "baby".
From a popular song:

"Don't mess with my toot toot,
Don't mess with my toot toot,
You can have the other woman,
But don't mess with my toot toot"

by Fred X. Sanford December 26, 2006
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Toot toot’ is a slang phrase used to announce something:
‘Toot toot I’m home’
‘Toot toot, did you hear about what happened at the party last night?’

You can also reply to someone who has said toot toot, with a toot toot, in agreement or acknowledgement.
Jordan: ‘Toot toot, who wants to order pizza’
Chad: ‘Toot toot, I’m so down
by Chichi420 October 13, 2018
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