Your cock after anal sex w/ male/female. Usually covered in stuff.
Alan- I just got back from my girlfriend's.
Matt- I bet you have poopdick then.
by McPoopdic34 October 23, 2008
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Poop-Dick -noun.
1. A noun used to refer another man as being GAY (homo-sexual).
2. Making a reference to a man inserting his penis into another mans anus as to establish his gayness.
That nigga shrek is a Poop Dick, bitch nigga spilled some yak on my kicks. Ohh him? that nigga got knocked out by Jahw for being a Poop Dick
by Jahw April 01, 2007
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Poopdick is when 2 male high school or college lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, or rugby players engage in anal sex, resulting in one of their penises being coated in fecal matter. Poopdick has been known to take place in places such as Berkeley, CA, Santa Barbara, CA, Albany, CA, Phoenix, AZ, Kansas City, MO, and Manchester, NH.
Dude, I was fuckin' this girl in the ass, and she totally sharded on my dick, man!

Ewww gross! Poopdick! Awww..... Now It's on both our dicks....
by Chadbrochill127 April 01, 2010
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a condition following the act of anal sex in which the pitcher's penis is partially or fully covered by the catcher's excrement Note: only when not using a raincoat
by rlpaaanrt July 22, 2010
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a poop dick is usually used regarding someone who has recentally angered you in some way or some one you just dont like usually of the male gender to possibly humiliate them by telling them their penis is coverd in fecel matter
person a: did you know alex took the last hot pocket

person b: god alex is such a poop dick
by majick6ball August 04, 2009
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Also appearing at times as "poopdick", this word is descriptive of a human being who is so irritating that their mere presence is the equivalant of angry anal raping.
If that poopdick tries to high-five me one more time, I'm going to stick my ink pen in his throat.
by Lonnie Bills January 10, 2004
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