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the act of driving your fist into a women's vagina with superior force
"She got poonjabed so hard she couldn't walk for a week."
by Toxic540 November 16, 2004
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the act of taking ones hand, balling it into a fist and gently tapping a womans vagina. not necciscarily a hard punch but a light jab. clothing variable, but same aspect with or without.

if taken to the next level of force with an upward motion then the act would now be an "up-her-cunt"(uppercut)
"the bitch crossed me, so i gave her a poon jab and set her straight!"
by MOTTS May 19, 2006
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To punch one's vagina with all capable force.
It would be impossible to poonjab Ghandi, for he has no vagina.
by Josh/Max August 08, 2004
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telling one that they are of little value or are overly sensitive to jokes or a number of other things.This is basically saying that they are poons that have been jabbed one too many times.
Friend: those clothes are tight.
Me: Yea, tight like your mom!!!
Friend: shut up, your a jerk.
Me: Man, stop being such a poonjab!!!
by S3XUAL CH0C0LAT3 May 11, 2008
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A person from India
You see that person over there, with the dot on her forhead? She is a poonjab.
by Hot Sauce June 05, 2003
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-noun -verb

1. The act of physically jabbing a woman's poon.

2. Any person who instinctively makes an activity or situation unbearable on the level of receiving a poon jab. Commonly mistaken for a douche or dip shit, or fuck tard.
In a professional training session:

Sean: he he. Hey guys I just farted and screamed like a wounded hippopotamus.

Dustin: Oh my God...

Brandon: Really guy?

Instructor: What a poon jab.

Guy1: That girl tried to kick me in the balls so I totally gave her a poon jab.

Guy2: Right on!
by Fireman23 April 19, 2011
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