Jab Jab is a part of the J’ouvert tradition, where in Grenada, the Isle of Spice (🇬🇩), a part of the tradition involves smearing paint, mud or oil on the bodies of participants known as "Jab Jabs," or “ Diable Diable” in French patois (“Devil Devil” or “Double-Devil”).
Anthony: I cannot wait fuh J’ouvert mawnin! Im about to look like a real Jab Jab boyyy! (lol that’s not how most of them talk but i’ve heard some say this🤣)

Y’all should visit Grenada during J’ouvert, you’ll get to experience a WHOLE new culture, and the Jab Jab may look racist, but trust me, as long as YOU don’t make it racist, it’s totally fine. They’ll welcome you with open arms as long as you’re willing to learn and respect their island.
by smother my cousin December 16, 2019
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noun: A certain statement, look, tone of voice, laugh, outfit, or any other gesture that is inherently pointed and directed at making someone jealous or undermining them in a subtle yet passive aggressive way.
She asked me what I was doing tonight, and I said, "I don't know I would have to see what Gena (insert name of anyone who would make the asker jealous) is up to tonight," it was a total jab-jab.

by The nipster May 11, 2006
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northern ireland, originating from around the mid ulster area, cookstown or banbridge.

To say something is good , or the "job"

Ian "u just won £1000 in a raffle"

Richie "that's the jab"

by Richie half a stout December 12, 2008
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In the context of online forums especially, it carries the connotation of a subtle put-down, passive-aggressive remark or an obvious attack on someone. Not the same as flaming, because flaming is obvious and usually angry and incites hatred.

Often, you will see something to the effect of "did you just take a jab at me" because the remark in question isn't blatantly obvious.
Girl on forum: I just don't get why every time I try to help people take it the wrong way!

Guy on forum: ^ some ppl just turn someone elses pain around and play the victim....

Girl: did you just take a jab at me or was that to someone else?
by Hotrodriguez85 November 25, 2013
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