A colored foam cylinder that is required for all activities, whether it's for locating people at a faire, beating unsuspecting individuals, relieving stress, or just looking ridiculous they are highly adaptable.

They also fit perfectly in most water bottle holders, making them easy to stow.
Dude where are the pool noodles at?
by Notcarter April 2, 2019
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The act of two gay men fighting with their limp penis' till one of them loses and becomes erect.
Man, me and my bro were pool noodling for hours yesterday but I came out to be the winner. It sure helped that I wasn't gay.
by ashyarrows June 30, 2017
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You know how when you’re in the pool, and blowing water through a pool noodle, and someone turns the pool noodle backwards towards your face and it sprays you instead. But imagine the noodle is your dick and the girl you’re fucking turns you dick backwards towards you at the last second and sprays you with your own ejaculate.
Did you hear what happened to Austin? His girl pool noodled him and it got in his eye.

by PostMacone April 5, 2018
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The process of cumming into a partner’s anus, chopping them in half across the middle, and blowing into the anus until the cum spurts out of the severed intestine.
I was on pcp and ended up giving her a pool noodle
by Gorb May 26, 2020
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When a male inserts his erect penis into his own anus and blows a load, exerting an outward force so strong it shoots out of his mouth, similar to a pool noodle.
Bro 1: Yo bro, you tryna come over and blow some pool noodles?
by Little Debbie! February 12, 2019
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A teenage guy who thinks he is the absolute shit, but in reality just a weak, flimsy, bony, and cocky individual. They only listen to mainstream rap artists and use daddy's money to flaunt their wealth. They have no muscular strength whatsoever, but still manage to get the hottest girls. Pool Noodles are typically out wearing short shorts with boat shoes and preppy shirts.
I can crush that pool noodle like a toothpick!
by ThatRichSmartGuy February 9, 2020
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The offensive capabilities of Medic from TF2.
You only need to worry about your medium, since the medic has the offensive capabilities of a Pool Noodle.
by NekoAnimator February 28, 2019
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