Having a tangy smelling unkempt gooch. (The area between the male scrotum and anus)
That guy I hooked up with last week had a terrible Jason Momoa. It smelt like sweet and sour sauce from Mc Donald’s.
by GioJosephCarl May 06, 2019
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A sexy ass guy who plays aqua man and that guys whos name I can’t remember in game of thrones.
Dang, watching justice league and game of thrones with Jason momoa is like porn to me.
by LizaLover November 27, 2017
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a sexy ass actor who plays a gun wielding six foot nutter in popular Tv series Stargate Atlantis.

He is known to play guitar and be very good at pulling off the dreadlock look.
That Jason Momoa guy is a right chunk of manbeast
by Nevernever June 22, 2008
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Showing resemblance to the iconic actor Jason Momoa but lacking in substance. Typically used to describe a knock off version of someone of statue.
Look at that Great Value Jason Momoa, he can't even swim.
by RUHdog July 09, 2021
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