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A situation in which an individual is direly hungry and is currently in possession of a food paste spread that is within a jar. There is a common understanding between the individual and his/her friends that no utensils are nearby to formally consume the ration and everyone is too lazy to go get some. The result is for the individual to use one's own hand to savagely cup the substance in their palm to gather it for consumption; In a way that resembles Winnie the Pooh eating honey from a jar.
Friend 1- I got the Frito's Chili Cheese Dip!!!
Friend 2- Umm, we don't have any chips...
Friend 1- Ahhh screw it. I'm just gonna pooh bear it.
by reaperDROPRIDETODOOM January 16, 2010
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To consume food that is somewhat liquid (in the manner of honey) by simply grabbing at it with one's hand and then licking the content off said hand
Jim: Do you want a spoon for that peanut butter?
Bob: Nah, I'll just poohbear it
by tomhansolo September 20, 2009
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To wear a shirt but no pants or undergarments, particularly when engaging in sexual intercourse.
"I'm self-conscious about my stomach; when I make love, I Pooh Bear it"
by misterpoohbear March 09, 2012
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