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The standard unit of measure for blowjobs, push-ups, sit-ups, and other events of a cyclical nature. The unit symbol for up-down is "ud".
Alec only lasted 2 up-downs.

Alex, you owe me 12 up-downs because I won that bet.

Bro, how many up-downs did she give you?
by G.T. IV April 23, 2010
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Used in many sports for conditioning, or punishment. Drill started by saying "get em going", and that is the cue to start chopping your feet. When you hear "hit it" drop to the floor on your chest and get up as fast as you can and continue chopping your feet. Very pain full
Up Downs are...

Football: Stop holding your dicks and make a tackle. GET EM GOING HIT IT!
by alexangelidis December 09, 2008
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A disease infecting the human body. The diseased person does not fully realize they have it. Symptoms may include staring off into space, not being able to close your mouth, inability to step touch, and not having responses to individuals
“Yo that urchin is looking real wack”
“Yeah it looks like a serious case of the up downs”
by Mister Papi July 28, 2018
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when a person punches a woman's boob in an upward direction and then immediately downward. it hurts really bad
"ow i just got up-downed"
by Shannon Rose Kelsey February 13, 2009
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when you are drunk and the room is spinning so you cant go to seelp. you ay down, you sit up, yotu lay down, you situp. it sux
i am drujnk, so ihave the updowns
by jason November 11, 2004
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