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Pooh bear,
A term of endearment for a cute-type girlfriend. Usually followed by a smile from the loved gf, and a gag from haters. Doesn't give off the 'sleeping with' vibe of babe/honey.
Warner Huntington III calls Elle Woods 'Pooh bear' in Legally Blonde. Although he ends up dumping her and she becomes the epitome of female empowerment, it is very adorable.
by pseudopiedpiper January 15, 2009

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The feeling in March where love is springing everywhere. Because it is not yet the season of mating, spring, it is usually a short lived love. However often this faux fever gives a need to be loved after a cold long winter so many fall into this out of desperation
Lilea Saix's (whose name has been changed)has for the first time started to date. The fast moving, and constant need for contact points to Acute Love Fever often occuring in teens during the early months of spring. Also another girl, Sandie H. Nahn (whose name has also been changed) has recently gotten together with an old friend.
by Pseudopiedpiper March 03, 2009

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