Best town in Long Island, New York, and perhaps all of America. It has more bars/clubs per square mile than anywhere else in New York State, as well as beaches, good public/private schools, clean tap water, restaurants for all food types, harbors/marinas, gyms, malls, etc. Also has nearly every fast food joint and car dealership one could want.
Huntington is the shit!
by Flipyoutoo July 31, 2008
This is a mixed alcoholic beverage in which you mix the hard liquor of your choice with Gatorade. Thus getting drunk and preventing a hang-over at the same time. The hydration will cure your hang-over, leaving you ready to hit it hard tomorrow.

The Huntington was created in a College Dorm Hall in Central Minnesota, when two roommates were trying to figure out the perfect drink. As Gentlemen and Scholars, they devised this and have been on only the days that end in Y ever since.

Their parents were never the wiser.
"Dude I drank nothing but Huntington's all night, woke up this morning and made it in time for my parents to visit. They had no idea I partied all night!"
by Capnconbro February 19, 2013
City in Indiana that the cops like to pull you over & think you're drunk & call for back up & bring the dogs with them & search your vehicle & make you do sobriety tests & fine you outrageous amounts of money &follow you around & make you never wanna drive into town again.
"Huntington has the most outrageous cops"
by Amarie Lopez April 8, 2008
A small hicktown in the mid-west. Huntington is located South of the much larger city of Fort Wayne, and is notably a smaller "town". Many of the people living in Huntington fall into one of the following categories.

Super Old and Grouchy: These people are like the old man living next door that will call the police on you for anything and everything, tell you about respect “back in his day”.

Middle Aged and Miserable: These people have been stuck in Huntington their whole lives and amounted to nothing and now have to take it out on the world, because they made bad decisions in life.

Young and Pregnant: These are becoming the majority of the population as the Middle Aged and Miserable had children. These Kids are generally wiggers, from mostly divorced, alcoholic and pothead parents and generally become parents on their own while they are still children.

In the town of Huntington most people can be found at a few locations.

Taco Bell: This is where girls can hang with their baby daddy’s while they are at work.

Huntington North High School: This is the place to show off your baby’s new FUBU shirt.

Cruising the “strip”: This is a Huntington tradition. It consists of people from the age of about 12 to people about 30, who are related, dating, sometimes related and dating, driving their 1995 Chevy Beretta’s and rusted out “muscle cars” around thinking they are cool because they have 13’’ Daytons.

Festivals and Fairs: This is the most common place to find the typical Huntington inhabitant. You can find all of the above people at one time or another at such place. They generally end up having a fight and someone gets upset about another persons baby daddy, and it ends up in a house getting paint balled or TP’d.

Huntington Girl (1) You F*cked with my baby daddy, now we gunna do a drive by in our berreta on daytons and paint ball ur house!

Huntington Girl (2) Yea well he's my brother so I can F*ck with him if I want. My Grandpa will call the cops on you!
"I know your a Hick ass looser that works at Taco Bell because you live in Huntington, IN".

by Sam1234512 October 5, 2007
A socioeconomically and racially diverse suburb of New York City. Located on the North Shore of Long Island, it mixes elements of an affluent north shore village and a gritty urban neighborhood. Wealthier people live north of 25A in Huntington Bay, while more disadvantaged people live south in Huntington Station. The village, in the center of town, has some of Long Island's best nightlife, restaurants, and shopping.
Let's go to Huntington, NY!
by gumball436 May 10, 2011
Small neighborhood in suburban Detroit known for excessive rules and bored police.
"No, we can't do that because we're in Huntington Woods."
by Opressed Youth June 17, 2008
Huntingtons Disease is a degenerative brain disorder, which affects the nervous system. It is a disorder which causes a rapid decrease of brain cells. People with Huntingtons Disease can suffer from Tremors, Writhing and it can sometimes lead to Dementia (loss of sanity). Unfortunately, only one Huntingtons gene has to be inheritied sor someone to suffer with the condition. So far there is no cure.
It is advisible that people have their Genes checked early on for Huntingtons disease, as most people only find out they have it in their 40's-50's.
by xx_Christina_xx March 5, 2006