To be dressed in only a t-shirt.
I had the house to myself this weekend so I did a pooh bear.
by jos7247 December 29, 2007
Pooh bear,
A term of endearment for a cute-type girlfriend. Usually followed by a smile from the loved gf, and a gag from haters. Doesn't give off the 'sleeping with' vibe of babe/honey.
Warner Huntington III calls Elle Woods 'Pooh bear' in Legally Blonde. Although he ends up dumping her and she becomes the epitome of female empowerment, it is very adorable.
by pseudopiedpiper January 16, 2009
The act of leaving your shirt on during sex because you are too embarrassed about your fat gut.
Hey man, did you hear about RobbieBB went pooh bear with that chick last night?
by RobbieBB November 17, 2015
the action of doing someone up the butt, using honey as your lubricant.
I pooh beared the chick after she got really drunk,
by Gonzalez June 10, 2005
whena girl doesnt wipe her butt and participates in anal sex. so the pooh makes the guy angry as a bear.
guy 1: Dude this chick freaked me out, she pooh beared me last night
by zach bassin May 28, 2010
a fat posh lad, who eats too much and has eyes bigger than pies lmao! But fancies the really pretty girls!
Oh my GOd he like Pooh bear or somethink! hes always eating and talks in that really annoying voice *cringe* he really likes Becky yer know? lmao, she wants his head on a stick!
by Trinkbar_Trina March 29, 2005
One who wears only a shirt, but no underwear or pants, like winnie the pooh
Put some underwear on, you're pooh bearing
by cyclaptor January 26, 2010