A bro who seems to enjoy men's company more than the ladies.
Chick: hey wanna chill tonight ?

Bro: Nahh, i gotta hang out with my bros were gonna chill all night play some xbox watch some porn.

Bro 2: What a poofter!
by brosaurus rex January 07, 2009
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Someone who is a faggot and sucks dicks for a living
Hey dude, check out those 2 poofters hand in hand, they must be on their way to the mardi gras where all faggots congregate.
by Tom Stravretis March 28, 2019
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a straight male acting/commenting in a flamboyant manner while twisted out of their mind
after killing a J in tkpk, sam mentioned how much he enjoys gigantic poos which isnt entirely differentfrom anal sex...and subsequently called a poofter
by PePe_Le_Pue December 14, 2004
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