n;A needless excess, or troubelsome surplus
"Polynesian wallpaper made the face stand out, a mixture of Oriental and early vaudeville jazz poofter, forming a hard, beetle-like, triangular chin much like a praying mantis."
by Marjorie Stewart Baxter May 22, 2005
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a group of homosexual and dumb individuals, that lack the mental ability to use their brain and common sense.
Nick and Andy are poofters, as they do not understand what homophobic means.
Daniel, Kyle and Will are all poofters as they lack any sort of common sense.
by hazzgitt March 02, 2020
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Davids tummy felt funny earlier in the day and he did a nice plop on the dunny... The same feeling happened in the shower and he did a pop, it smelt like rotten eggs but he was relieved that whilst looking down at his feet, there was no poofter present
by Unsinkable March 08, 2008
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A fucked up insult used by the straights against gay men. :7
Gay men: *exist*
The Straighties: "Ughhh he's such a poofter !!! 1!"
by Dicktionary6969 July 15, 2019
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a fart , flatulence , passing gas , "poof" .
"pffffffft " "brrrrrrraaaapppp " " hey who let the poofter ? " followed by... "the smeller's the feller "
by gwar hero December 04, 2005
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Male homosexual, but the particular nuance is not easy to isolate. On the surface, it is clearly a term of opprobrium. But no one can say it with a straight face, and so it takes on the air of cheerful self-mockery that we associate with Dame Edna or Crocodile Dundee.
Nobody out there but poofters sand sellers of loose joints.
by Buce July 18, 2005
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