A dead form of entertainment buried with TV as its casket. Back in the days of vaudeville, everyone had a specialty. Certain vaudevillian performers were tumblers. As dead as ska but also it is actually dead and more people like vaudeville than ska.
You know what else you can't see? The writing on the wall! Vaudeville's dead!
by 6:47 AM October 18, 2005
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Incredibly stupid but funny stuff like hitting a short fat englishman with a pie, telling jokes in a loud voice and the straight man would say something like "I Don't know why do" if you are a young brat you will not remember Bugs Bunny who used a lot of Vaudeville references. Brats with your portable gaming consoles and hair gel!
by marmaloonbabushka February 18, 2010
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an amazing store in ny, consisting of two parts. Trash upstaits and Vaudeville downstairs. Located on st. marcs.(epiphany of hipsterness) You can find the best jeans and jackets there.there is also a wall of celebrity signatures. including bands such as the ramones and blondie. it is the city's most famous shithole. talk to jimmy, the forever tight pants wearing owner. best store ever. dont go there if youre a tourist.
"whered you get those amazing skinny jeans? and that raddddd jacket?"

"trash and vaudeville... duh."
by Jason Argento March 23, 2008
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The act of flailing arms and legs in the shape of an X to express excitement or general happiness. (Arms,legs, and head in the shape of an X, resembles a starfish)

This action must be done quickly and only last for a moment.
Ashley: "Hey Kris, quick! Do the Vaudeville Starfish!"

Kris: *Positions arms,legs, and head in the shape of an X, resembling a starfish*
by T3rmin4l/Cri7ic4l February 3, 2010
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