1. a subtle difference in meaning or opinion or attitude.
2. a fancy word used by white people giving them the right to turn up their music really loud.
"Hey Boomquisha are you hearing those subtle nuances?"
"Turn that crap down Howard!"
by Stephen Moore August 5, 2006
A word not understood by Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele.
What's nuance? - Michael Steele

"I'm not trying to be nuanced. I'm not trying to be cute. I'm trying to be clear." - Michael Steele
by winsodew August 27, 2009
An intellectually dishonest word used by the left to signify that their arguments on identity politics, race, gender, sexuality etc. are so sophisticated, meaningful and profound that they're beyond the realms of everyday comprehension and logic. Thus by extension, those arguments are also beyond critique, and anyone who does not recognize them as such is to be branded a bigot, a racist or a xenophobe.
"To begin with, racism is only perpetuated by White people and cannot be pigeon-holed into a neat box. It is far more complex and nuanced than just hate against a person because of the colour of their skin, so I have broken it down into three parts for ease of understanding. Each part jointly and severally underpins institutional racism. This means each part is equally responsible for racism perpetrated by White people, which has a deeply nuanced and layered history."
by Aussie Deplorable March 10, 2021
A term often overused by pseudo intellectual communist cocksuckers to avoid simple facts and obfuscate the truth
We have to take a more subtle nuanced approach to what gender is in this modern society.
by The realDJT May 21, 2020
Ok, first of: Everything I've said has been said before or other people have expressed a similar sentiment, yeah? Maybe in a more tactful way but that's not what this is about. The 'walking holes to fill' is similar to a Patrice O'Neal joke from the 90's, alright? I'm still morally in the clear. AND it's not an abstract group. Most of these are a direct response to a quote from someone. Word for word. I'm not picking a person and then just fabricating a sentence they've never said just to argue against it. Get it? Some guy says *this* 👈 I responde to 👉 *this*. It's not like I'm pulling things out of I'm ass.
Iam "Aw, see? Now even she's doing it. Son of a bitch!"

Hym "Can you believe this guy!? I know how you know about the thing! Getting it to spread outside of my immediate vicinity is kind of the point. This isn't new to me. Alright? Your participation is the point of all this. I'm watching the number of people doing it increase. I can see people who weren't doing it start to do it. You idiots will reference everything EXCEPT the 'I'm either schizophrenic or people are doing the thing that YOU are doing' and you're making it some bullshit lesson about the power of friendship. Not useful. None of this is doing anything for me."

Iam "Yeah, see it. You know, I find this a little condescending. Insinuating that I am not using the correct amount of cynicism and/or glibness..."

Hym "I like that you acknowledged the fat cock/me-being-a-profound-and-quality-individual dichotomy. I noticed that too but, again, none of this is useful. What I need is the thing and person responsible... And to find my hammer."

Iam "You know, people have already said that I'm responsible for it because there are consequences..."

Hym "And what is consequence to these people saying there are consequences to things? Is there no consequence? That's convenient. You know? To the thing you're actively doing? Is there a consequence to that? No? Jesus' You people are fucking wild. And MY ability to see nuance is askew. MY ability for introspection is being called into question. 🙄"
by Hym Iam June 4, 2022
Inspired by No Nut November, No Nuance November is a TikTok trend where you post a video daily featuring a new one-sentence-long hot take free of context. You aren’t allowed to respond to any comments or expand your reasoning, instead you let viewers discuss the topic among themselves.

This trend was created on by the TikToker abolish_ice on November 2nd 2020
Today’s No Nuance November is that the only good cops are dead cops
by jampuffs November 20, 2020
The YouTuber who thinks women are not real.
Nuance Now: "Women are not real"
by Awfuldude August 25, 2021