powerfully owned. like if you trip over a rug, that rug just poned you. if you get the last snack, you just poned whoever wanted that last snack.
frank: ah, ha. i just got the last goldfish.
rob: did i just get poned?
frank: yeah, face.
by djdanger August 13, 2008
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poned: getting your but kicked by anyone in anything(mostly combat sports) with an outstanding win, causing disgrace and/or shame. punched + owned = poned
Dude did you see the fight last night? That one guy got poned!!!!
by isaac??? July 17, 2008
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{Poned}This is when you put your cheek out for someone to kiss and when they lean in... you move and kiss them on the lips! YOU JUST GOT PONED BITCH!!!!!!
John leaned his cheek into Haleigh's face and and when she closed her eyes to kiss his cheek he switched it up and she kissed him on the lips! SHE GOT PONED!!! everyone saw it, don't try and lie Haleigh. Just ask Andrew and Stewart!
by Okie Doke! April 01, 2009
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