A term used in the computer game Counter-Strike indicating that one of the opposing players has gotten killed and severely got beaten. Everybody used to say "owned" until someone mispelled it by accidentally putting a "p" instead of an "o" making the word look like "pwned" but people just decided to say "poned" because it sounds much cooler.
Dude, I just totally poned you!
by Dana Lee May 27, 2005
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Shortened term for the words "powerfully owned". It's very common in lam-o video game terminology. It means being humiliated, or beaten badly.
Caesar, caesar, caesar, I poned you and your mom! OHHHHH!!!!
by Negative- March 30, 2005
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A word invented by the Jonas Brother Nick Jonas, it is his version of the word pwned. In HIS definition, the word must only be used by itself in a sentence.
Don: Man, you beat me in Pacman AGAIN
Jack: Poned!
Don: Ew. Jonas Brothers fan.
by twilightandjonas September 15, 2008
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"powerfully owned
squeeze those words together and you get
-joe jonas
if you get the last snack choice...ur poned
if u trip...u poned urself
by k.con September 21, 2008
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