The spanish word for BUTTCHEECKS, not the ass. Culo is spanish for ASS.
Julie has jiggly nalgas.
by pink panties January 24, 2006
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Translation of this term is BUTT
I like the way you touch my nalgas.

Dame por las nalgas!!!!
by jako July 27, 2003
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1. The spanish word that defines the buttocks
2. A word commonly used by hispanics to describe anything bad or that smells bad
1. I want to Squeeze her nalgas.
2. Dude thats so fucking NALGAS!
3. Did you smell rodrigo he smells nalgas.
by Nalgototas March 15, 2008
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man, check out the nalgas on the chick in those cutoffs!
by Rescue2 June 23, 2010
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It's slang for ass in Spanish.
no toque mis nalgas, pendejo
by Houman February 25, 2003
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¡la heina tiene una nalga fina!
by asciident December 28, 2004
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