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The wrinkly patch of skin between the nuts
"If I ever got a paper cut in the tweencho, it would really hurt; that's why I always wear underpants while handling paper products."
by Smackdown Lane July 29, 2006

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The skin that surrounds a man's testicles
1. "My poncho is soft like a flour tortilla."
2. "Good thing I had a poncho around my boys or they would have fallen out."
by Smackdown Lane July 29, 2006

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When two or more men take turns peeing on each other, creating an artistic tableau of arcing urination. Can sometimes be done solo*.
*Note: solo maneuver requires the man have two penises
"On a hot summer day, I like to cool off with a nice white wine spritzer."
by Smackdown Lane July 28, 2006

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When you're about to fart, and something extra (and usually liquid) explodes out of the ass.
I was going to light my fart on fire at the party, but a few seconds later everyone got hit by my backfire.
by Smackdown Lane June 19, 2006

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A man throbber is essentially just a penis.
I wanted to impress her, so I took out my man throbber, and she gasped . . . repeatedly.
by Smackdown Lane May 13, 2008

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