someone who is married to two or more people at the same time
"The polygamist has problems in his marriage."
by May 16, 2006
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Horny, perverted, men who are sort of mormon but use there made up amendment to Mormonism, who marry more than one women in sake of some made up religion who build big prison like compounds and force young 13 to 17 year olds to marry and have sex with them and brainwash there wives to think they are from the 1930's and to have no reality of life what so ever and that 13 year olds having sex with a 40yr old man with 7 wives is not bad in their brainwashed minds......

Simple answer- Horny Religious, Perverted Men who somehow are the masterminds of brainwashing women into thinking everything they say and do is ok and right
Hey Joanne, your marrying your 3rd uncle.

But i'm only 13 and he's already married to 6 women and he's 49

You have no choice dear. It's my choice and you have no rights what so ever in this compound and you are much less than anything on this earth so you have to do everything i say and since i say your a polygamist, you have to do as i say as i wrote the polygamist religion.

But DAD!!!

Too late, ceremony is in 1 hour.
by ryfly May 2, 2008
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Individual who conducts a practice revolving around the matrimony to several other people at the same time like there is nothing remotely creepy about it at all.

Not only do polygamists get to switch out fuck buddies throughout the week with no penalties but they also are able to get a tax break for every wife/husband they obtain because marriages in most states are recognized as civil unions.
Is it creepy? Yes. But is it smart?. . . . . . . . :)
Probable polygamist conversations:

"Hey sorry wifey number 2! This is wifey numbers three's night to have passionate, bouncy love making with me, but we'll schedule a Wednesday canoodling!"

"Go fetch me a drink."
"Which one of us are you talking to?"
"All ya'll bitches! Now go get me a drink dammit!. . . . . . Ain't nobody got time for this -_-."
by Maserati V8 June 14, 2013
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Usually a man (though sometimes a woman) who is married to both his wife and his video games. Any non-work (if he works, that is) or non-sleep (if he sleeps, that is) time is probably reserved for World of Warcrack, Evercrack, or some other mmorpg, resulting in the human wife either signing divorce papers or going to see Dr. Phil.
Wife: "Wow, honey, did you see that obsessed polygamist on the Tyra Banks Show? The guy even left his wife in labor at the hospital to play his game!"

Husband: "What? Listen, shut up for a minute, I'm doing a raid."
by superviet October 27, 2007
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One who simps, not for one female, but for many. A man may have a couple females that he has relations with and the one that he is currently with he will actively simp for. On the other hand, he will simp for any woman he sees and has no number 1.
This man is a Polygamist Simp in the flesh. Absolutely, immaculate performance of being a Polygamist Simp.
by yessirsimp October 2, 2020
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Someone who promiscuously or loosely invests their time in no fewer than four businesses, hoping that some of them would be obscenely profitable.
By not being faithful to his main business of halal products, polygamist opportunist Hamid got his fingers badly burned by partnering with “infidel” partners into the roller-coaster crypto business.
by Fasters August 18, 2023
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A bird that takes part in polygamy and has amazing Kahoot abilities.
by GruntToeCristy February 10, 2022
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