1) Capital of Poland
2) Used to describe something with positive aspects, alternative to awesome or cool.
This game is pretty damn Warsaw
by J.W.H.M June 22, 2007
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said when you would like to erase from existence the last three to twenty lines of a text message conversation; especially for use in a drunken context. Origin: when typing "erase" into an iphone, warsaw is one of options given as an autotext prompt. when you have had too much to drink you tend to pick the wrong word.
I think you are sexy... too bad we are both are married..... WARSAW.
by crazycounselor October 27, 2010
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Orthopedic capital of the world. Also known for meth and marijuana.
Person 1: I need a hip replacement AND some drugs.
Person 2: Oh.. just go to Warsaw Indiana for that.
by Supastaaar December 7, 2017
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anal sex in which the person on top slaps the person on the bottom with a kielbasa at least 10 inches in length
my face is still greasy from that Warsaw sledgehammer i got last night.

by johnyblahblahblah February 12, 2009
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Warsaw, NY is a small town. Its in Wyoming County that roughly has 2 times as many cows as it does people. I know makes you think of some hillbilly kida , wrong turn, kinda shit huh. All in all its a pretty quite town and a nice place to live or visit if you dont mind the system sucking scumbags.
Ex. You have two kind of people in Warsaw, NY cool down to earth people who make awesome friends and then you have the drit balls who do nothing but sit on their butts and collect unemployment and foodstamps ect. Only because they are lazy and like to suck the hell out of the system.
by Chuey May 3, 2008
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A treaty between the eastern bloc nations and the USSR to protect against NATO interferance, specifically in East Germany. Signed in 1955, the member states were the USSR, Poland, East Germany, Hungary, Albania, Romania, Czechoslovakia and bulgaria. It was an alliance of the "red" countries, except for former Yugoslavia, and later Albania would exclude itself. They basically would defend eachother if one was attacked. With the mighty Soviet union on thier side, no-one dared attempt this.

Communism killer Mikhail Gorbachev later took measures to abolish this treaty, allowing the member nation to do as the liked from December 1988. This lead to the tearing down of the Berlin Wall and the pact was ripped up completely as the USSR disbanded into the CIS nations.
Most of the warsaw pact nations joined NATO after the warsaw pact.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 2, 2004
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Small western town in Illinois with a pop of about 1000 people. the high school is complete garbage. it's full of different colored people unlike Hamilton Illinois which is 95.5% white. yet the high school is still extremely racist. and every white person there talks like they grew up on a farm in the 80s or sounds like they have a Alaskan pipeline up their ass
Warsaw, Illinois is a town full of hicks and idiots
by DarkLeada September 6, 2018
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